Standards & Resources

Episcopal Archivists recommend these resources. Each offers a different perspective on gathering, organizing and accessing archives and records. Some are tailored to the Episcopal experience; some are standard for all archives and records. Standards, particularly relating to electronic records, are constantly developing, so stay tunes. Let us know if you wish to suggest an additional resource or if you have a need that is not addressed here.

Recommended Standards




      • Regional and Web Courses, SAA: The Society of American Archivists has developed a wide array of professional continuing education programs available for co-sponsorship by repositories and other institutions. All SAA programs follow the Guidelines for Archival Continuing Education (the ACE Guidelines), which encourage opportunities for lifelong learning within the archives community.
      • Archives Web Workshop, AASLH: American Association for State and Local History offers a basics course with an introduction to the core aspects of managing and protecting historical records collections using appropriate principles and best practices. There is a charge for non-members.
      • Records Management Web Workshops, ARMA: the records management association offers online courses on basic records management.
      • California, Western Archives Institute: is an intensive, two week program that provides basic and comprehensive instruction in archival practice to individuals with a variety of academic backgrounds.
      • Georgia, Archives Institute: a two week program offering instruction in basic archival concepts, preservation, and a brief internship in an area repository.
      • New England Archivists: NEA is a regional professional association that offers an array of educational workshops and links to the continuing education offerings of area colleges.
      • New York, State Archives: training opportunities are offered through regional workshops and online webinars. Most events are free.
      • Tennessee, Archives Institute: a two and one-half day series of workshops on the principles and practices of archival management and records preservation.
      • Washington D.C., National Archives: The Modern Archives Institute offers a two week course twice a year that provides an introduction to archival principles and techniques. Sponsored by the National Archives and Records Administrators in cooperation with the Library of Congress.

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