About Us

Who We Are: Episcopal Archivists is an informal network of practicing paraprofessional and credentialed archivists and records administrators who work in dioceses and parishes of the Episcopal Church. Episcopal Archivists are committed to being accountable to each other for moral support, informational networking, and assistance in our common effort to preserve the Church’s archives according to mutually agreed and professionally accepted standards. The group is an advisory body that works in coordination with The Archives of the Episcopal Church.

Why We Organized: The group was originally founded by seven diocesan archivists to share knowledge, establish standards, and create resources for the practice of archival enterprise in the Episcopal setting. In addition, our goal is to highlight useful ideas so that others can easily tap into them and use them for their local situation.

What We Hope to Accomplish: We hope to raise the level of archival practice and oversight within the Church and to help those doing this important archival work in whatever way we can. Among our goals are to:

  • translate professional archival standards into practical solutions that fit the financial and administrative scale of most parishes and dioceses,
  • create the basis for sharing knowledge of our archives through a union catalog,
  • assist where possible with technical advice for data preservation using standard methods and sustainable technologies,
  • provide hands-on education over workshops that do not translate to local experience,
  • encourage parish and diocesan administrators to understand that managing archives and records is a vital part of corporate governance and not primarily about saving history.

Resources We Offer: The Episcopal Archivists have created a variety of informational resources including standards, guidelines and training opportunities that have been carefully vetted and are available through this website.

What the members do: Members give a few hours of work every few months as they are needed and are able. We participate in the group’s projects at our level of expertise, provide information when requested, and try to do something sustainable for our diocese or parish archives that we can report on to the group. In other words, we try to be available to each other to offer advice and support our colleagues in the network and beyond. It is important that members of the community have evidence that they are not alone in this important historical work.

Opportunities for Involvement: Individuals serving in an active custodial capacity with Church archives or records are invited to become involved. Opportunities exist to suggest or create resources, write short news pieces, participate in a list serve conversation, and provide consulting advice. This group has no dues or bylaws, only norms and expectations.

Why We Need You: We need more visibility from those placed in charge of the Church archives within The Episcopal Church. We need fresh ideas. We need to know what’s happening in our diocesan and parish archives. We need to know what help/what resources our diocesan and parish archivists need and want. We need your participation and your experience. We need to be a stronger voice, which we can be together.

The Episcopal Archivists has met annually since 2004 and received considerable support from Trinity Church, Wall Street and The Archives of the Episcopal Church.

The Advisory Committee of Episcopal Archivists includes:

Advisory Committee
Mark J. Duffy
Canonical Archivist and Director
The Archives of the Episcopal Church
606 Rathervue Place
PO Box 2247
Austin, TX 78768
mduffy [at] episcopalarchives.org
Mary Klein
Diocese of Maryland
4 E. University Parkway
Baltimore, MD 21218
archives [at] episcopalmaryland.org
Diane Wells
Archivist and Records Manager
Diocese of Olympia
1551 10th Ave. E.
Seattle, WA 98102
dwells [at] ecww.org


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